about our studio

Transformation Beauty Studio,  was founded by a licensed Aesthetician & Cosmetic Tattoo Artist Karen,  who is extensively trained in clinical skin care, with over 18 years of experience. 
The Studio is a testament to her credibility, values, and expertise.  
She listens to the MakeUp preferences and SkinCare concerns of each person, and firmly believes that communication and trust are the keys to ensuring the success of each individual’s Permanent MakeUp and SkinCare 
Certified and licensed by the state of New Jersey and Florida.  She is  committed to on-going education about the newest advances in the SkinCare, Beauty and Permanent Makeup industry.  
SkinCare: She focuses on high-impact products and facial treatments with zero recovery time.  Her attention to detail is impeccable and will be noticeable to you through the distinctive, personalized treatments, the quality of products, and carefully researched solutions to your skincare issues.  
She firmly believes the keys to accomplishing dramatic results are knowledge about the science of skin function, and knowledge of how best to apply this science to making the skin more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and touch.  In order to make effective use of certain ingredients, it is important to know how these ingredients penetrate the skin and how the skin uses them.  In an effort to educate,  the science is clearly presented to the client in terms of how best to use certain ingredients, in what strengths, for how long, with what frequency, in what combinations – all tailored to the specific solution each person is seeking.  

Permanent MakeUp: She focuses on the concerns, lifestyle and result that you are looking to achieve with Permanent MakeUp. Karen only uses the highest quality Cosmetic Tattoo INKs and products. She uses disposable products so that nothing is ever reused. Prior to every procedure the room is carefully prepared and with the utmost attention to detail ensuring your safety.

The Studio is inspected by the Health Department and up to code for sanitation practices, cleaning and disinfecting.

She prides herself  and is committed to exceptional customer service and unhurried personalized care. 


(photo by Anna Shvets)

(Photo by Jessica Gaudioso )

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